How Do You Extreme Coupon

by ryan on November 9, 2016


How Do You Extreme Coupon?


Printable Pampers Wipes Coupons are easy to find as long as you have our site bookmarked! 🙂 But in all seriousness, these kinds of coupons are the ones that are the rarest to find. The main way to get printable pampers wipes coupons is to click on this link to see the updated coupons we have on our site. We place all our coupons on that page including the rare printable pampers wipes coupons that are available.

Here is another easy way to get your pampers wipes cheaper besides just using a single printable Pampers wipes coupon. Go to any of your local CVS’s and sign up for a rewards card or 3. 🙂 Then sign up to their email newsletters with each card. You will need to have three different emails. They are easy to get, just go to yahoo and sign up there. Every week or two, CVS sends printable store coupons that range from $4 off $20 to 30% off your total purchase and then you can use a printable Pampers wipes coupons stacked with it. The CVS couponns are mailed to you on a regular basis, so no concerns there. You should also sign up with the same address on all of them. That way you will get multiple coupons sent through the mail to your house.


If you couple the printable Pampers wipes coupons here from this week and with the CVS coupons you get for signing up, you are going to get yourself a real steal. Here are two examples that you can do right now.

The regular wipes pack below is listed for $3.99 for 64 wipes, which is not a great deal at all. But you can use the 30% off coupon and get these pampers wipes for $2.79 or 4.28 cents a wipe. If you find a nice $.50 of printable Pampers wipe coupon to go with this, the deal becomes $2.29 a pack or 3.57 cents a piece.

These pampers wipes down below are listed for $8.99 for 192, which is not bad in itself. But use the 30% off coupon and one $.50 cents of printable Pampers wipes coupons, then you are looking at a total of $5.79 or 3.01 cents a wipe.

Printable Pampers wipes Coupon

Buying the bigger pack of pampers wipes saves you an additional 25% off your per wipe cost compared to the smaller pack. Now I know everyone is looking for the almighty rare printable pampers wipes coupon and we always have our readers sending us in links, so make sure you sign up to our newsletter and we will email them right to your inbox. That way, you will never have to look for a printable Pampers wipes coupon again.

BUT…here is best deal you are going to get even with a coupon. Pampers Baby Fresh Wipes 12x Box with Tub 864 Count over at Amazon for only 2 cents a wipe. They also have a $.50 coupon that is right on the same page. Let’s face it, the best thing to do is stock up and basically get 50% more wipes and have them delivered right to your house. It is the way my wife and I buy our wipes, if we can’t get any printable Pampers wipes coupons or CVS coupons.


They also have a subscription plan that even drops the price even lower. It is definitely worth a look and consideration. Amazon also has a subscription service for the Pampers diapers that they will deliver free right to your doorstep at super low price. I am not sure if they will honor a printable Pampers wipes coupon or not.

So now you have a few options to consider in getting yourself a printable pampers wipes coupon. One thing is for sure, you need to sign up for our newsletter over to the right. We will send you the printable Pampers wipes coupon right to your inbox when we get them as well as other fantastic printable grocery coupons.

UPDATE: There is not a single printable Pampers wipes coupon available at this time except for the coupon that I pointed out over at Amazon. Don’t worry about that though. There is a ton of opportunities coming in the very near future. I can tell you right up front that even if you try to search for a printable Pampers wipes coupon, you will not find one…trust me, we look every day.









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