Kmart Deal Coupons November

by ryan on November 15, 2016


Kmart Deal Coupons November


Now you can get Pampers Diapers at Target and also Kmart retail stores at well. If you have not heard about Kmart “Big Gas Deal”, then you must of been living under a rock. There ad is down below here and you can see it for a good laugh. But in all seriousness, there are some fantastic opportunities when it comes to Pampers diapers.

Now that you got a nice smile out of the ad, let’s get to saving some money on our diapers. To start, take a second and print out this coupon. I would suggest printing 2 of them per computer. They are for $1.50 per pack of diapers.

Next, this deal is for $1.00 of each gallon of gas up to 15 gallons. This is a savings of $15 off our gas purchase, which you are going to need anyways. So you buy $50 worth of P&G

products which include Pampers diapers, and then you receive the coupon for the $1.00 of each gallon of gas. So this is like buying your diapers for $35. 🙂 Publix Pampers Deal


List of Coupon Products and More

Here is a list of some of the other products that will be included in the promotion…Tide, Ariel, Olay, Charmin, Duracell, Secret as well as the already stated Pampers. I know there are plenty of ways to make this deal even sweeter.

Take a look at your local grocery stores. Where I am from, you can go to Weis Markets and by a $50 gift card and get 10 to 20 cents off of a gallon of gas to make the savings at the pump even greater. So what you do is buy 1 Kmart or Sears gift card and use that to buy your P&G products. I used this same procedure recently to buy a John Deere tractor at Lowes. I went to Weis Markets and bought $1200 worth of Lowe’s gift cards. This was I ended up getting 20 cents off per gallon per gift card. I used my shopper’s club card and my dad’s to get a full tank of free gas and another tank of gas almost free. It was worth about $80-$90 at the time. Then I went to Lowe’s and used a 10% off coupon I had from the post office moving kit.


The only thing that was a pain was that I had to wait while the put the gift cards in by hand. Argggg! But it got me a ton of free gas that I would of paid for anyways…so giddy up.

As for this “Printable Pampers Coupons” deal, just think about utilizing all the coupons you can regarding the P&G products that you would buy anyways. Don’t ever buy something that you would not need for a long time. It is a waste of storage and your money. You know you will need diapers and batteries all the time if you have kids…so that is an easy buy. Tide?

You don’t that unless you like to have clean clothes. 🙂 So obviously, you can make this work on many different levels of saving. Please take a few moments to let me know and the other readers know what can be done to sweeten the pot.

You always have the choice to take the Amazon deal that I fully support here as well. They deliver them as well as every other qualifying purchase right to your front door free! That is why I use them almost daily for a ton of different items.

As always, thanks for reading this article and be sure to check out our printable Pampers coupons page for tons of printable coupons.

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