Online Coupon For Lowes

by ryan on October 12, 2016


Online Coupon For Lowes


You might not be aware of this, but Lowes has got this policy where it offers all members of the United States Armed Services ten per cent off all their items throughout the year.

Of course, you should have your military ID with you at the time on checkout. The discount does not apply if you’re using self-service lanes. This is obviously a great way to honour women and servicemen. I’ve been a Lowes customer for a good few years now and seeing Lowes take that step was certainly exciting. This discount, however, cannot be used with other Lowes coupon code offers.


Another Source of Your Lowes Coupon – the Post Office!

10%-off coupons to Lowes can often be found with the packages for change of address at your local post office. As I previously mentioned, there’s suspicion of online coupon sellers getting their codes from here in the first place. They might even be getting hold of such packets in the hundreds. Sometimes, you’ll get coupons to Home Depot instead of Lowes in there. It’s all up to you and your conscience when it comes to taking such packets even though you are not moving.

Looking on eBay for Offers

Many times in the past, I’ve found ten per cent off coupons to Lowes being sold on eBay and other similar online auction websites. That is a bit of an extra hassle. Once again, if it is one of those individual sellers, the coupon source is a bit dubious. You should be particularly careful before buying these if the Lowes coupon appears photocopied, is to be sent through e-mail, or has a one-time use barcode on it. It’s happened several times that the Lowes coupon is being sold to lots of people online and won’t really work once you present it to the store.

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