Selections With Starbucks Coupons

by ryan on January 25, 2017

Coordinate Food Selections With Starbucks Coupons


If you want to get more attendants interested in accepting the free Starbucks coupons, choose foods to sell that will make them want to get coffee with them. For example, you can sell homemade chocolates and place them on a tan or khaki-colored tablecloth on neutral-colored plates along with some vintage postcards of chocolate and coffee products.


Then in a bright-colored orange or green box place some colored envelopes filled with four Starbucks coupons and right above the box get a Starbucks poster then place a sign in front of it that announces the coupon giveaway.

Another way to do this is to serve homemade frozen coffees using some bags of Starbucks coffee with savory dishes that include coffee. These may include barbecued ribs, hearty beef dishes or pork dishes. Then after the meal give each guest a small bag filled with free Starbucks coupons.

Games for Starbucks Coupons

You can also have guests play fun games and win Starbucks coupons for prizes. For example, if your organization seeks to help former foster children build meaningful careers and financial independence, hold a trivia contest in which the young guests have to answer questions about career planning and the top three winners who get the most answers right will get the free coupons.

Another game you can play is a coffee drink-making contest in which different guests prepare an original coffee drink for free Starbucks coupons.

Another idea is to hold a raffle in which all guests take a ticket with a number on it then near the end of the fundraiser you can announce three winners of Starbucks coupons.

The use of Starbucks coupons is no longer for your early morning stop when you are going to work. While Starbucks is one of the best locations for morning coffee or good for people working with computers to sit comfortably sipping coffee while doing your work in a relaxed environment. Starbucks coupons are also there to make you enjoy your coffee at home.




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