Starbucks History

by ryan on March 15, 2017

Starbucks History


Thank you for checking out my website in search of the history of the Starbucks restaurant. I’ve done much research into the history of the Starbucks restaurant and have provided it here on this post. Most of my blog is dedicated to finding the best coffee coupons for Starbucks restaurants but this post is just a brief history on the restaurant itself.

I will go over exactly when the store opened where the first one opened and how the coffee shop got on its feet. If you love Starbucks then I’m sure you’ll be interested in the history of the coffee shop.

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How did the Starbucks coffee shop open in the starbucks history?

The first coffee shop that was ever opened in the history of the Starbucks coffee chain was in Seattle Washington. Three partners opened the shop and we’re all very highly skilled entrepreneurs. Their main goal is to sell high-quality coffee and to get people interested in drinking high-quality coffee.

Starbucks quickly began to buy directly from growers the coffee beans as these were the best that they could find. The whole means of their operation was to sell the buyers high-quality coffee and so they did things a little differently than their average coffee shop.


How did Starbucks become a huge chain in this history of Starbucks?

The original owners that opened the Starbucks coffee chain coffee restaurant decided to sell it to a man named Howard Schultz. Schultz is the man responsible for multiplying the Starbucks restaurants and placing them all around the country. Starbucks has grown to over 165 restaurants serving coffee. Starbucks also had a very high shooting stock that was a very good investment at the time if you bought in early.

Also Starbucks has grown internationally. There’re currently over 58 countries that have a Starbucks coffee restaurant. It’s amazing how one little coffee shop implemented such a big corporate chain.



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