Using Starbucks Coupons in Your Coffee

by ryan on January 20, 2017

Using Starbucks Coupons in Your Coffee


If your school or nonprofit organization wants to raise money effectively and in a fun way, you should consider selling foods that include coffee and giving away free Starbucks coupons to attendants. Many people enjoy good coffee and when you give them Starbucks coupons in addition to the good food, you’ll raise the money you need for your goals.

If you’re interested in receiving free Starbucks coupons as a donation, you should write a letter to the Starbucks Foundation at and mention that you’re seeking donations of Starbucks coupons for your fundraiser.

You should also include some information about your organization and why Starbucks’s mission matches your mission for your community.

For example, if your organization trains teens in developing gardening skills and agricultural career training, Starbucks will probably donate for this cause.

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