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Some little known secret that I personally used to provide tutorials to you this is how I use Google search to find coupons and deals.

The average search equals a lot of non related coupon items and sometimes your search finally goes looking for items that sometimes you will not need.

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In this new example of searching of Coupons online we will be using – Party City Coupons and search for party supplies, Halloween costumes, birthday party and theme party items coupon codes at Party City retail stores.

Now, as you know Party City probably does not advertise our coupons right on the site more so sign up for the email list and will give you coupons.

Then in the second search so easy Party City coupon but its not Party City coupons coupons.

It is for $5.00 off coupon.  Or its over so the little more scattered focused searches equals less non targeted results and only quality results and a focused search. It is as simple as putting your search phrase within quotes in the Google Browser field.

By doing this you see here its Party City coupons in quotes now the only result that will show up all results that have those exact words in that exact order so that exact phrase are the only results that will show up which makes it more focused.

Now we’re looking for printable Party City coupons by putting in quotes we’re almost guaranteed to find printable Party City coupons. If there are any that exist as you’ll see them here we have the printable Party City coupons exact phrase and in the headline and then printable Party City coupons.

In the third search options as well again party city comes up first a lot of times that is because its branded in there doing a great job of branding themselves in the results.

More Focused Coupons Searches Tips

Mcdonalds coupons

In order to get more focused and targeted results we are going to use search operators to narrow down your search.

Now you may ask what an operator is…? I will go through a demonstration for you so you can see exactly what it is that I’m referring to laser targeting your search here are some examples of laser target operators very simple and a minus sign will exclude words and phrases from your search.

On the other side of the coin, the plus sign looks for additional words and key word phrases to add to your search. It’s that simple and again as a new the demonstration come up next you will see exactly what I’m referring to and how you can scale out or slim down your search to get exactly what you’re looking for.

When we are looking for the new DVD player or if you were searching for “DVD player HD TV” this strategy that I’m going to provide to you will always work and will always help out to narrow down your search. It doesn’t matter what you are searching for. Using these search strings and information to find stuff online will always work.

Especially if you’re tired of having expired coupons and find expired coupons or irrelevant search results etc…

Using these laser targeted operators may sound technical but trust me when I tell you that its not – its very simple and I will show you.

Narrowing Your Coupons and Coupon Codes Search Using Google.

So, let me demonstrate and explain what it is exactly I was talking to you about. so first off are we going to do is ** ENTER IN THE TERM AND SEARCH PHRASE ** “Party City coupons” the general search In the Google Search Field.

The same results for Party City coupons Party City coupons etc came up now but we put those in quotes and if you look at the number results over in google it will show you 26 million coupon results.

So, now we put this in quotes and it is more focused we now have found 42,000.

Again Party City shows up we have party city codes on coupons Party City coupons you see the phrases exact somewhere within the checks that we’ve seen within the text to these pages

pages that are appearing the Party City coupons is in its exact form exact phrase. Now what we will want to do is we can probably find the results here but I want to try to get it down even more for you and explain the operators so let’s to Party City coupons – – code is no space between the minus sign from the code so do not it take off –

I told you the first listing would disappear and now we don’t have to worry about promotional codes for shopping online when we are looking for strictly printable coupons

Since that’s the case let’s add in Plus printable results change Party City 10 off 30 in store printable coupon and let’s also add in December because this is the month of December and we want December’s coupons

Coupons Codes and Search Strings Using Google

So now that the Party City coupons phrase were looking for without code and we want printable in December that will give us one of the most target it searches.

Popeyes Chicken coupons for november

Here we have actually my favorite Coupons Site ( http://PrintableCouponsBlog.com ) here throwing up number one or number two coupons for you.

So, that’s basically all there is to one of my many strategies for finding coupons, bargains and coupon codes online.

Go ahead and practice it and comment below for me.

I would really appreciate that.

If you’re on my website you scroll down comment on this particular post you will find more tips

Let me know, I want to hear from you and one bonus I do want to give you a bonus :

Wendys coupons december 2015

BONUS: Google search is not always updated they are changing some things but we’re not going to go into the technical side of it. However, if you want more recent an updated searches along with the strategy that I just showed you what you do here you go to more in the google search tools and you go two blocks where you type in Google Blog search and that will give you coupons blogs.

Blogs are scanned more often than web pages, so because its updated more often so if you use a strategy I just showed you with Google Blog search you’re almost always guaranteed to find newest coupons.

if whatever you’re looking for exists on blogs then if your looking for RECENT NEW – coupons you’re almost always guaranteed to find It.

Here are some examples of coupons and coupons codes that you may find online. 

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